03 December 2019December Lecture Meeting
09 August 2019Celebration for 30 years of the Ascot society
04 June 2019Flag for The Arts Society Ascot
14 December 2018Art @ the Station

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December Lecture Meeting
Tuesday 03 December 2019

Before the excellent lecture about the Nutcracker ballet at the Royal Opera House (see lectures) Eloise had put together a wonderful display of the ceramic birds the local school children had made for the 2019 Young Arts Project, under her direction.   Pupils from South Ascot Village Primary School came to tell us about their work: to the delight of our members (see photo) the children described the methods they used for the different stages in their productions. They had obviously really enjoyed learning how to work with clay and applying the colour glazes, and then seeing the finished artworks (picture on Young Arts)

The Lecture, given by Nigel Bates, explained so much: from the composer, his time, the story, and various productions, to the workings of the Royal Opera House, the orchestra, mechanics of the sets, intricacies of the costumes, hitches that could happen, and much more, all interspersed with many beautiful music and dance inerludes, and live demonstations  - a  lovely presentation before Christmas.

After the lecture we enjoyed warm mince pies and hot non-alcoholic mulled wine! (surprisingly good, both)

Merry Christmas!  


To see pictures of the Young Arts Project click Here