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24 July 2019Althorp - Home to the Spencer Family since 1508
09 August 201930th Anniversary Celebration of The Arts Society Ascot (Ascot DFAS)
08 October 2019Kew Gardens - Chihuly: Reflections on Nature

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Althorp - Home to the Spencer Family since 1508
Wednesday 24 July 2019

We have arranged a visit to Althorp - home to the Spencer family since 1508.

Charles, Ninth Earl Spencer has been in charge for just 23 of the House’s 500-year history but has striven in that time to make a positive difference, by taking an uncompromising approach to the continuing wellbeing of Althorp.  Showcasing one of Europe’s finest private collections of furniture, paintings and ceramics, each intriguing room of this magnificent family home has a fascinating story of its own.  From the captivating interiors to the beguiling grounds, Althorp offers a wealth of opportunities for visitors of all ages, and showcases the various interests and passions of those who have lived here over the centuries.

Tickets at £40 will be available at meetings

                               SOLD OUT  If you want to join a waiting list please contact Anne.

The coach will leave from Car Park 3 at 9.15am